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Content Construction Kit (CCK) is one of the best module of Drupal. CCK module helps users to add custom fields to their nodes.  You can create a cck field to any content type easily, but i am going to show you how to add a custom field from a module. The code below shows how to add a text field to a content type from a module. Hope this help you and please post your valuable feedback.


hook_install_cck_text_fields($text_fields, ‘CONTENT_TYPE_NAME’, $weight=20);

function hook_install_cck_text_fields($text_fields = array(), $type, $weight){
if (module_exists(‘text’)) {
foreach($text_fields as $text_fields => $text_field){
$field = content_fields(‘field_’ . $text_field);
  if (empty($field)) {
$field = array();
$field[‘field_name’] = ‘field_’ . $text_field;
$field[‘type_name’] = $type;
$field[‘type’] = ‘text’;
$field[‘module’] = ‘text’;
$field[‘required’] = FALSE;
$field[‘widget_type’] = ‘text_textfield’;
$field[‘active’] = TRUE;

$field = content_fields(‘field_’ . $text_field, $type);
$field[‘widget’][‘label’] = str_replace(“_”,” “,t(ucfirst($text_field)));
$field[‘widget’][‘weight’] = $weight++;
$field[‘widget’][‘type’] = ‘text_textfield’;
$field[‘display_settings’][‘weight’] = $weight;
$field[‘display_settings’][‘label’][‘format’] = ‘inline’;
$field[‘display_settings’][‘teaser’][‘format’] = ‘default’;
$field[‘display_settings’][‘full’][‘format’] = ‘default’;
else {
$field = content_fields(‘field_’ . $text_field, $type);
if (empty($field)) {
content_field_instance_create(array(‘field_name’ => ‘field_’ . $text_field, ‘type_name’ => $type));

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